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Draw a Still Life! Throw in an unexpected subject or two, wow us with your shading technique, or create a crazy composition.

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Overlay a text box onto an image for the Weekend Art Project, and share it with the hashtag #wapTextBox to submit it to the contest.

Contest Rules

PicsArt Contest Rules

Submitting a Photo:
Tag your photo with the contest specified tag to submit it, OR upload it into a competition by using the “Submit” button.
Image Quality:
Images should be larger than 600 pixels.
2 entries per participant.
You must own all legal rights to the submitted photos and design.
You maintain the rights to all of your submissions. We retain the right to showcase your work on our network.
Winners are chosen by the PicsArt community through our new voting system.
The top 10 photos with the most votes are the contest winners.

How to Enter the Graphic Design Contest (#GD)

Create a Graphic Design:
Use PicsArt features to combine text, clipart images, effects, drawing tools and more to create designs based on contest themes. For Graphic Design Contests, you can use any images you like, though we strongly encourage original content.
Graphic Design Schedule:
New contest announced every 2 weeks. Each contest runs for 9 days.
Submission Begins:
Tuesday morning
Submission Ends:
Thursday 23:59 PST
Voting Begins:
Friday 00:00 PST
Voting Ends:
Wednesday 23:59 PST
Winners Published:
Winners Featured on Daily Journal on Thursday

How to Enter the Weekend Art Project (#WAP)

Create a Photo:
Enter weekend contests to try your hand at exciting photography shooting and editing themes. All photos submitted to the contest should be the property of the user submitting them.
Weekend Art Project Schedule:
New contest announced every week. Each contest runs for 11 days.
Submission Begins:
Friday morning
Submission Ends:
Monday 23:59 PST
Voting Begins:
Tuesday 00:00 PST
Voting Ends:
Sunday 23:59 PST
Winners Published:
Winners Featured on Daily Journal on Monday

How to Enter the Drawing Challenge (#DC)

Create a Drawing:
Use PicsArt Drawing Tools to create drawings based on the given themes. Prior to the Submission, we announce the contest theme through PicsArt’s social network channels, including PicsArt, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter to give you some time to start drawing. The tag for the contest is announced when the submission starts. Only original drawings created using PicsArt are allowed into the contest. After completing your entry, we encourage you to create a video drawing tutorial with the Video Generation and Export feature and share it on Youtube.
Drawing Challenge Schedule:
New contest announced every week. Each contest runs for 13 days.
Theme Announcement:
Thursday or Friday
Submission Begins:
Saturday morning
Submission Ends:
Tuesday 23:59 PST
Voting Begins:
Wednesday 00:00 PST
Voting Ends:
Monday 23:59 PST
Winners Published:
Winners Featured on Daily Journal on Tuesday
Please, keep in mind that this is a Drawing Challenge and we are only looking for original images drawn by users with the PicsArt App drawing tools! Any non-authentic drawings will be removed.

For further information, please check the blog to read posts for individual contests. Should you have questions, contact us at:

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