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How do I use PicsArt?

You must install PicsArt on your iOS or Android powered phone or tablet. PicsArt is a free mobile application that currently supports iOS and Android OS devices. You can download it from iTunes, the Google Store or Direct Install (for Android) from PicsArt.

For Tutorials on various features see our feed on YouTube
For current help topics see our Troubleshooting page

Does PicsArt Post without asking

PicsArt never uploads any picture automatically. To upload you must use the Export Screen, and choose the upload option.
When posting to Facebook if the "Upload to PicsArt" option is selected the picture will also be uploaded to PicsArt and your profile will be created automatically.
You can manage your pictures in PicsArt from your PicsArt profile.

Does PicsArt use my GPS location?

GPS is used in PicsArt only in two cases: When you upload a pic to the PicsArt network you can tag a location, and when you add text to a picture you can add location specific text. GPS tagging is user optional.

How do I connect PicsArt to Facebook?

In the 3-point settings menu (top-right corner of the home screen), click ‘Settings>Social Accounts’ Here you can connect PicsArt to Facebook and other social sites.

How do I delete a picture?

See the How To

How do I install PicsArt?

Using an Apple device? You can install PicsArt from iTunes. Here is the download link: iTunes

Using an Android device? You can install PicsArt from Google Play. Here is the download link: Google Play 

For tips to fix installation or download problems, read: Troubleshooting

How do I remove my account?

Please send an email to: support@picsart.com with ‘Remove Account’ in the subject line, and your username. For security reasons, please send this email from the address you used to register your account.

How do I report a user or picture?

Reporting a picture:
From the app: open the picture and click the 3-point menu button in the top-right of the screen>Report abuse
From the website: open the picture and click the 3-point menu button in the top-right of the screen>Report Photo 

Reporting a picture for Copyright Infringement: Please ensure you have read the 'Procedure for Reporting Copyright Infringements' before you report a picture for Copyright Infringement, as we will require you to provide appropriate information for us to investigate your complaint.

Please send an email to: support@picsart.com with ‘Report User’ in the subject line. Please provide the username i.e. a2b@picsart, or the web-link i.e. http://a2b.picsart.com, and detail about your complaint.

How do I resolve issues with my PicsArt installation?

See the PicsArt installation troubleshooting tips here

Can I legally post created by PicsArt artwork

You have nonexclusive, nontransferable, royalty-free right to use PicsArt art works in your creations done by PicsArt software, which you can use for any purpose including for business.
But we have no responsibility if you use third party copyrighted photos or other material in your works.
For example if you use a Disney character in your work you have to get permission from Disney to use it for business.

I have forgotten my password. How can I reset it?

Please send an email to: support@picsart.com from the email address you used to register, with ‘Password Reset’ in the subject line. For security reasons you must provide your username also.