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stepbystep image

For newcomers: I wrote a #stepbystep written verbal #tutorial . Just scroll down and follow the instructions. (Screenshot it to make it easier for you)

Quote for the image:
✨ #Stars : In these dark and uncertain times, there can be great value in imagining a bit of #star in each human soul.✨💗 #believeinyourself #strengthfromwithin #beyourownkindofbeautiful #myedit #magiceffectstars #magiceffect #magicbrusheffect 🌿 Happy Weekend All💗✨☺️ #freetoedit

WRITTEN VERBAL TUTORIAL for those that are interested in learning how I did this.

1. I used the #scissor #cuttool to cut the face first. Then hit save. The #sticker you cut will be saved in your stickers file. You can use it over and over again anytime. (I click backwards until I get the full original image back)
2. Then GO to the toolbox, which is, a gridlike icon on your menu bar. Click on that then... click on the #clone icon. I used the clone tool to erase her face by tapping on an empty area which will copy that spot and I begin to erase the face by cloning the background. Once that's done. Click ✅
3. I then go to stickers and I type in search for a "stick". Found one I like and I placed it in the hand of the model.
4. Now, I want to add the model's original face back on. So I go into my saved stickers look for the face cutout, click on it and then place the face on the stick in an angle. Make sure the face is balanced with the body.
5. The final step: go to the fun #magicbrushes icon and in this case I liked the stars. Clicked on stars and brushed over from the empty face area and out and you will have a mimic image of my edit. I added a swirly design on her face but that you can leave out.👍

If you're new here...this is what I have to say: Practice makes perfect 💙🤗✨ Everyone can do this.
#remixed from @geezdubs , @freetoedit
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@sona75 💋☺️🙋‍♀️ Thanks hon
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