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#freetoeditHi , my dear friends! In this post I would like to touch the latest news and the horror that is happening now in kpop. But other than that, at the very end I will write about good news, so read this post to the end!
I know that many readers of this post already know about this news, and so I ask you not to tell me about it. If you know this - just miss this post.
For those people who have a weak psyche, or they like me are already on the verge, you too better miss this post. I warned you!

To begin with, the case of Jungkook(BTS) and his tattoo master girlfriend is still under way. The police have already started checking the security cameras and doing everything possible to solve this case. Forgive me, please, but I don't want to get too involved in this situation.
Next, I would like to say about the recent deaths... Actor Cha Inha(Lee Jaeho) dies. The cause of his death is not known to anyone. There is no substantive note, and no traces of violence were found on the body, police are investigating the death of the actor. Godfrey Gao actor dies. It has nothing to do with kpop, but I decided to cover it in this post. We all know that there are shows where popular people compete or pass some tests. Chase Me is just such a show. On this show Godfrey was tested, and suddenly he felt sick. He stopped abruptly, after which his heart failed. Doctors immediately began to help him, but could not save him. A lot of negativity started on this show. All of them are guilty of not being well prepared for this, and that they are to blame. But I think everyone is to blame for this situation. We, fans and spectators, love to watch how our idols participate in some shows. But it's no secret that most of our idols are not so much prepared to participate in such shows. Because everyone knows how much we like to watch it, they start to create shows where celebrities are called. There have already been many cases when for celebrities these shows did not end as well as we wanted. If it weren't for the popularity of these shows, nothing like that would have happened. In my opinion, everything is to blame, and there is no need to look for one culprit. So there were other deaths, but I do not want to talk about them further ... In total, more than 6 deaths are considered for 2019.
Next, we'll talk about mental illness. Kim Hyuna started to feel bad. She shared with her fans that lately she feels very strange, and very much faints. Her post was later removed, but it became known. Choi Youngjae began posting very strange posts, after which fans had a lot of anxiety about the condition of Youngjae. Then we were informed that Youngjae had a problem, and at present he would not be involved in the activities of the group.
And now I want to touch a very bright situation with Kang Euigeon (Daniel). He had just returned and started to continue his activities, as he had already been in trouble. First there was the victory in The Show. Everyone was confused by Daniel's large scores, and they started to create a big problem out of it. Then a video appeared on the Internet, where Kang Daniel said that he was often recognized on the street, even if he dressed very secretly. Most often he was recognized by gait, and because of this he decided to change his gait. He started showing it, after which he was told, allegedly, "making fun of the sick and elderly". Oh, my God, guys, what are you doing?! Where is this world going?! Are we soon to be accused of making fun of people who are in a coma?! What are you doing?! That's why Daniel went crazy. He started posting posts saying he didn't understand what was going on. Why do the hayters do it? What did he do wrong? Why is his songs, which he tried so hard, called the snog? The video was later deleted and Daniel began working on his health.
Idols no longer know where to go, and all their support is trying to convey through social networks. They're trying to show that they're not iron concrete either, and they have a soul, too.

Now I'd like to talk about good news too!
I'll start with the recent birthdays! Kim Seokjin of BTS, Park Chanyeol of EXO and Choi Soobin of TXT recently celebrated their birthday! I congratulate them from all souls and wish them well!
It became known that soon going to debut Stray Kids and TXT.
We have been informed that Blackpink is going to return in early 2020!
There were also ceremonies for MAMA, MMA and AAA. I will not delve into this topic, as it will take up too much space and time. All the details and us nations you can find on the simple internet.
Hwang Minhyun and Choi Minki (Ren) from NU'EST tried themselves as dads! They started with two little girls and that looked very cute. Minhyun took one girl to the vaccination, and Minki tried to put to bed a second, very small baby! You have to watch this video, you are sure to like and appear in a good mood!
Halsey and Suga (BTS) released a joint song - Interlude. I, like many others, really liked this song! If you haven't listened to it yet, run to listen!
And of course, EXO has returned to us! And they came back with a new song - Obsession. They also have a new album! Unfortunately, I do not remember its name, but you can find it on the Internet.

Well, that's the end of the news.
Thank you for your attention!
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