Color Festival Mask

Color Festival Backgrounds by PicsArt Photo Editing AppIf you’ve ever seen what the Holi color festival looks like, then you’re already hooked! In India, this is a festival where they celebrate by tossing handfuls of colorful powder through the air. Everyone gets covered from head to toe in purples, yellows, and blues, and the air is filled with clouds of magnificent colors.

This pack of Masks is the less messy version! This mask will throw handfuls of colorful powder over your pics, and make it look like you’re right there at the color festival celebrating Holi. Choose between different colors and styles. Lose yourself in color and use this beautiful amazing editing trick.

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Who are Color Festival Masks for?

Color Festival Backgrounds preview by PicsArt Photo Editing and Collage Making AppColor festival masks are for anyone who is head over heals for Holi. If you love clouds of swirling color, then you’re going to LOVE these masks. You don’t even need any special skills. Using masks on PicsArt is the easiest.


Where to Find Color Festival Masks?

Get these masks right in the Mask section of the app (DUH!). Masks are in the lower menu bar of the editor. Open up the menu and choose a mask, but first you have to download them! Find them in the Add-Ons Shop, just use the search bar to track them down. The Shop is that little Shopping Basket on the far left end of the menu.

How to use Color Festival Masks

Using a Mask is as simple as picking a mask, then all the customization sliders are right there in the submenu. Use them on your party pics, or in your big nights out. They’ll elevate any image into a colorful swirl of magic. These masks are almost mystical, they’re so beautiful.

Of course, while that’s all that you have to do, PicsArt has all kinds of features that can let your transform your pics as much as you want.

Rotate your Mask

Masks can be fitted on in different ways. Open the menu and tap the rotation icons to move it around and find the best position. You can also red

Fade It

In the menu, you can reduce the opacity slider to fade the color powder into your scene. You can really control the intensity of the color and perfect your luck.

Add Stickers

Stickers are the perfect way to elevate any edit into new territory. With all that color flying around, you can even kick it up another notch, like painting your face with rainbows. Make your eyes sparkle or shower yourself in flower petals.

Try Magic

Magic effects are the perfect way to transform your pics into surreal works of art. Go from photo-editor to Van Gogh, or make your photo’s texture look like crushed marble. There are so many awesome options for creative transformation.

Add Frames

You can also add all kinds of really cool frames, from Vintage Frames to maybe Selfie Frames for your selfies. Frames are just another awesome thing to throw on top.

Share and Get Likes

Don’t sit on your best edits, throw them out into the world like a handful of color. This is about celebrating a festival, and festivals only work if lots of people come together to enjoy themselves.

Share your edits on PicsArt, throw them up on Facebook and Twitter. You’ll get likes, and of course, you should follow other people and like their stuff to. Sharing goes both ways!

Do You Know About Remix?

Use the hashtag #freetoedit to invite everyone else to edit your photo. Anyone can edit a photo with #freetoedit, so it’s a cool way to see what kinds of creative ideas other people have, and also, how to collaborate with people from around the world.

Remix Other People

Remix other peoples’ #freetoedit images, to get more stuff to use in your photos. Any photo with the hashtag #freetoedit is like a stock photo to fuel your creativity.

Seek Inspiration

Browse the app for inspiration, and get new ideas. Follow cool artists that you know will show you awesome stuff. Search around, You’ll land on something great.

Follow a Tutorial

Follow a cool tutorial to learn something awesome quickly. You can try something easy, medium, or hard. You’d be amazed what you can learn in less than three minutes.

Try Backgrounds

PicsArt is loaded with great backgrounds. They’re Masks, but underneath!

Sky Backgrounds let you change the sky or you can go into deep orbit and use Space Backgrounds! Maybe just embrace a cool pattern with Geometric Backgrounds.

There is so much cool stuff on the PicsArt app to inspire you and refuel your creative tank. Dive in headfirst and see what you find!

Your move!

Celebrate Holi and download Color Festival Masks on the PicsArt App.

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