Graduation Backgrounds

Graduation Backgrounds by PicsArt Photo Editing and Collage Making APpCongratulations graduates! You did it. You’ve got your degree and now you’re turning the page onto a whole new chapter in life. This is not a moment you want to forget, and this pack of backgrounds will help make sure that you preserve this moment forever with the most amazing graduation collage.

Choose from loads of fun backgrounds with different styles. Make a collage that will remind your parents over and over about how proud they are of you!

Download Graduation Backgrounds Now!

Who are Graduation Backgrounds for?

Graduation backgrounds are for graduates and the proud friends and families of graduates. Graduation is not a thing to pass on lightly, so celebrate the occasion! You don’t even need to be an editing whiz, stickers are the easiest.

Where to Find Graduation Backgrounds?

Graduation Backgrounds by PicsArtFinding Graduation Backgrounds by tapping the checkerboard icon when you open the editor, and scroll through and select Graduation Backgrounds from the menu.

How to use Graduation Backgrounds

Using Graduation Backgrounds is easy, and they’re perfect for finding creative ways of celebrating this momentous time of passage.

After you select Graduation Backgrounds, just tap on all the best shots from the big ceremony, and drag them into place to make the most amazing graduation collage!

You can also use PicsArt’s many features to express yourself in a million different ways.

Dragging and Customizing

With finger motions, you can drag and customize photos. Use one finger to move photos, or use two finger to stretch, rotate, and shrink images.


Combine with Effects

Nothing brings the best out of a photo like a well-chosen effect. PicsArt effects are instant ways to make your graduation pics sing. Use them to brighten, intensify, and transform your images. Effects are a sure-fire way to perfect your collage’s aesthetic.

Create a Double Exposure

Double Exposures are a cool way to make something special with Graduation Backgrounds. Try blending modes or lowering the opacity or images for smooth blended styles, or overlap different images.

Add Stickers

Stickers area perfect decorative tool for your graduation collage. Celebrate with fireworks and balloons, give your pics that extra touch. Stickers are an easy way to take your images up a notch.

Try Magic

Magic effects are instant transformations that make your picture look like paintings and other materials, and even create new color schemes and other themes. Magic effects create an immediate wow and add a spark of extra artistry.

Add Frames

Frames are also a good idea to take customization further. Go old school with a classic Vintage Frames or use Selfie Frames for all of your graduation selfies. Frames are fun and the perfect way to elevate any collage.

Share and Get Likes

Show off you achievement, you’ve earned it! This is your day to shine, so share your graduation collage online and let every graduate alongside you. You’ll totally get likes too, who doesn’t love a graduation?

Load up the hashtags, it helps people find your pics and is also a nice trick to netting followers. Same goes for location, and remember to follow other people and like their stuff too. What goes around comes around..

Do You Know About Remix?

Remixing is when someone gives permission to everyone else to try and edit a photo. How do you do it? Well you just add #freetoedit on your pic. It’s that easy, give it a show. It’s the easiest way to collaborate instantly.

Remix Other People

Search #freetoedit images, and pick any photo to edit. You can remix any photo that has that tag, they’ll even have remix buttons on them.

Seek Inspiration

See what PicsArt users are sharing online to get inspired. Explore and browse around the app it’ll replenish your creative juices. Keep an eye on your feed too, there’s always cools stuff being shared. Be sure to like the best stuff so that you can get suggestions for stuff that’s more of the same..

Follow a Tutorial

Learn new editing tricks and get some great tips by following a PicsArt tutorial. Try easy, medium, or hard tutorials. There’s always something for your level, so don’t be shy. You’ll get your mind blown by how good you can get by just doing a couple 2 minute tutorials.

Try More Backgrounds

Try all of PicsArt’s backgrounds. There are so many amazing things to check out, so take a look and see what jumps out at you.

Use Sky Backgrounds to give your photos a new and more scenic sky than the dreary grey cloudy day you ended up with! Launch your pics into the cosmos with Space Backgrounds! Get artistic and try out some Geometric Backgrounds.

You never know when a new set of backgrounds will inspire you.

Your move!

Ready to move on to life after graduation? First, savor this moment and download Graduation Backgrounds.

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