Modern Home Backgrounds

Modern Day Backgrounds by PicsArt Photo Editing And Collage Making AppMove your pics into a more contemporary styled space with Modern Home Backgrounds! These backgrounds embody the clean minimal style of modern architecture, with elegant boxes and beautiful colors popping out in every direction.

Pick a background from 10 slick designs! Make a trendy modern collage or use these for any of your more designer themed posters and projects. This is your new favorite modern home for your pics!

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Who are Modern Home Backgrounds for?

If you love that clean futuristic look of modern design, you’re going to really enjoy using these backgrounds. They give your pics the feeling of an expensive new pad in the Hollywood Hills. You won’t need any experience with editing apps, backgrounds are super simple to master.

Modern Home Backgrounds by PicsArt Photo Editing and Collage Making AppFinding Modern Home Backgrounds

You won’t need to go all the way to the upper crust areas of LA or Miami to find these modern home themed designs, they’re right in the app. When you open the editor, when it’s time to pick a photo, tap that checkerboard button and you’ll be right in the backgrounds menu. Scroll down to it and download!

How to use Modern Home Backgrounds

Your collages, posters, and slickest photos could all benefit from Modern Home Backgrounds.

All you have to do is select a background, add your photos, and move them all into place. Add as many photos as you, and experiment with different positions and sizes.

Making a collage, of course, opens the door to all sorts of exciting editing possibilities. Here are just a few ideas to get your juices going:

Hit Em with Effects

Don’t throw dull photos over a sleek design. Add effects to any photo by tapping it and then pressing the effects icon. Effects let you tweak pics just a bit to make the pop, or totally transform them into something else all-together. Try the polygons effects to mimic the hard geometric angles of modern design!

Try Magic

Magic Effects are even more transformative! They don’t just tweak photos, they give your picks brand new textures and color palettes, and all in the flash of an instant. If you are making a collage, you might want to experiment with a bit of magic.

Cut It Out

You can actually cut outlines of your photos like you’re taking a scissor to a polaroid. Use free crop to trace the outlines of people and object, and cut out their backgrounds.

Add Frames

Just because this is a collage, it doesn’t mean that you can’t also give each photo it’s own custom frame. Just tap the photos, then press the frames icon and browse around for something cool and exciting.

Add Stickers

Decorate your collages with awesome stickers. Add in some good feelings with Good Vibes Clipart, or throw in some flashing Neon Lights Clipart. Explode a Glitter Bomb or shower your collage in Star Clipart. Stickers are the perfect way to find a new and fresh creative twist.

Share and Get Likes

Give your collages a chance at going viral and make sure that you share it on your favorite networks, whether it’s PicsArt, Facebook, Twitter or somewhere else. Share it on all of the above, you can do that right from the menu after confirming your edits.

Also don’t forget to add tags and locations, so that people stand a good chance of actually finding and loving your stuff. Get likes and turn heads!

Get Remixed

The great thing about Remixing is that you can start a project and let someone else finish it. With the hashtag #freetoedit, you open up the possibility that anyone can play and experiment with your photos, and add their own personal take. It’s beauty of remixing

Remix Your Friends

Make a collage out of your friends photos. As long as they’re tagged with #freetoedit, you tap the remix button and use them. That’s what they’re for! Don’t hesitate.

Get Inspired By Searching

You can always recharge your creative batteries and find new takes and ideas by searching for interesting hashtags in the PicsArt community. Try #modern, #design, or #architecture for a start.

Follow a Tutorial

Learn how to edit step-by-step, and get guided through an easy, medium, or hard editing tutorial! Tutorials show you how to do extraordinary tricks that you may never have thought would be within your power. Give them a shot and learn something new!

Try More Backgrounds

Backgrounds are great to have in your back pocket, especially if you’re a collage lover.

Go for a Fiesta theme, stick with simple Geometry, or shoot for outer space! Every background offers its own form of inspiration, so check them all out!

Your move!

Make a modern collage and download Modern Home Backgrounds on PicsArt today!

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