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Edit banner for School Backgrounds pack by PicsArt Photo Editing AppIt’s finally time for kids to head back to school! Isn’t it the most joyful day -ever-? As you’re taking shot after a shot to make this day stay with you, school backgrounds are waiting for you, ready to help you make the pics more classy, thematic and stylish.  


Tags #university, #school, #study, and #backtoschool  will bring thousands of images from students from all over the world – all ready to start the new semester and slay it! So don’t forget to add the hashtags to your own pictures, explore what pics are others posting within the tags, and who knows, maybe you’ll find someone attending the same school as you!

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Who are School Backgrounds for?

PicsArt School Backgrounds preview These school-themed backgrounds are for every single mom and dad out there that are sending their precious little ball of energy and joy to school! Don’t just take pics of their first days at school, make those pics so adorable that you’ll be able to send them to all the grandmas and aunties out there to make them go awww. Besides, these make up for awesome post-cards and fridge magnets!

Are you coming back to school this year? Take aaaall the pictures with you friends who you missed so much!

Where to Find School Backgrounds?

Find School Backgrounds by tapping the checkerboard icon when you open the editor, and scroll through and select School Backgrounds from the menu, or you can go straight to the Store and get the package there by searching for First Day Backgrounds!



How to use School Backgrounds

It’s super easy to use the School Backgrounds, and they are an excellent way of celebrating the start of the school year in a creative way as you or your precious one are going for another big, life-changing adventure!

After you select School Backgrounds, all you need to do is tap on all the best shots from the big day, and drag them into place to make the most amazing school collage! Include all of your friends, there’s enough place for them all!

There are many other features and customization options for you to make this day even more memorable:

Dragging and Customizing

With finger motions, you can drag and customize photos. Use one finger to move photos, or use two finger to stretch, rotate, and shrink images.

Add Stickers

Stickers area perfect decorative tool for your back-to-school pics.

Add sassy quotes and encourage all the school girls out there to be bossy and proud of it, with the Smart Girl Clipart!

For all the girls and women that know their value in the world and aren’t afraid to step up and make their footprint there’s the Girl Power Clipart bundle with awesome stickers that will help make a statement with your photos

Add Frames

Frames are also a good idea to take customization further. Go old school with a classic Vintage Frames or use Selfie Frames for all of your school selfies. Frames are fun and the perfect way to elevate any collage.

Further Steps


Show how excited you or your little one are for the beginning of the new school year! Take lots of pics, edit them with the awesome backgrounds and stickers available in PicsArt, and share them!

Do You Know About Remix?

Want to see your pics get another start? Adding #freetoedit tag to your pics automatically makes your pics available to thousands of artists at PicsArt to edit and reimagine your pics and give them a new breath. It’s the easiest way to collaborate instantly and have tons of fun.

Remix Other People

Just as you can make your pics available for editing, you can also reimagine others’ images yourself! Search for #freetoedit images, and pick any photo you want to edit and do your magic!

Seek Inspiration

PicsArt’s home to thousands of talented artists that each have their own unique style. It’s an excellent place to seek for future inspiration and replenish your creative juices.

Keep an eye on your feed too, there’s always cools stuff being shared  by those you have already discovered and followed. Be sure to like the best stuff so that you can get suggestions for stuff that’s more of the same..

Follow a Tutorial

PicsArt’s got hundreds of features and tools for you to discover, but don’t get overwhelmed! We have tutorials for any level of experience and interest, so get some great tips by following a PicsArt tutorial. Try easy, medium, or hard tutorials. You’ll get your mind blown by how good you can get by just doing a couple 2 minute tutorials!

Try More Backgrounds

Are you looking for you never know when a new set of backgrounds will inspire you so try them all! Move your pics into a more contemporary styled space with Modern Home Backgrounds!

Use Sky Backgrounds to give your photos a new and more scenic sky than the dreary grey cloudy day you ended up with or launch your pics into the cosmos with Space Backgrounds! Backdrop your shots in colorful rows of kisses with Kiss Backgrounds, or make your sweetest edits ever adding Cupcake Backgrounds now!

Your move!

Try out each and every of the School backgrounds as the year progresses – celebrate new achievements, make new friends, and enjoy every single day of your school life!

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