Space Backgrounds

Launch your photos into orbit with Space backgrounds! Choose from 10 backdrops of planets, stars, and comets to create a cosmic collage. This pack is the perfect way to take your edits and collages boldly to where no man or woman has gone before.

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Where to find Space Backgrounds

Space Backgrounds by PicsArt Photo Editing and Collage Making AppNo need to venture way out into the final frontier for this, you can find Space Backgrounds directly in the PicsArt Shop (that’s that shopping basket icon on the far right side of the editing menu). Download it onto your phone, and the next time you go to make a collage, they’ll be waiting for you.

Who are Space Backgrounds for

Space Backgrounds are for anybody who wants to conquer the universe with awesome edits. You don’t need any training or skills, making a collage on PicsArt is not rocket science.

How to use Popart Backgrounds

Send you pics hurling through the deep reaches of space with PicsArt’s collage maker. Tap backgrounds in the collage menu, pic any of your Space Backgrounds, then choose the pics you want to use and drag them into place. That’s basically it, but if you want to add flashes and tweaks, PicsArt let’s you go much further:

Rotating & Sizing

When you upload photos on your Space Backgrounds, you can rotate, shrink, and enlarge them with two finger motions. Pinch to shrink, spread to enlarge, drag to move, or rotate to rotate.

Custom Pics

Tap any pic to start customizing from the bottom menu. Crop pics into custom shapes (like stars!), add borders or frames to help them stand out, or blend them into the cosmos by playing with the Opacity or Blend features.


Take creative control of the pics you drop on your Space Background. Tap the effects icon to add stylistic filters or do more drastic transformations, like turning pics into paintings and cartoons. Use Color Replace to give yourself green skin like an alien (but hipper).

Clipart, Text, and Erasing

The top menu let’s you do even more. Tap the eraser icon to brush off pieces of your pics, or tap the plus sign to add text, clipart, and much more to your collage.


Take your friends and fam with you on this deep space adventure, and share a space collage on your fave social networks directly from the PicsArt app. Whenever you finish with your Space Backgrounds, confirm your edits and the next menu will let you instantly share to the social network of your choosing.

More awesome downloads

If you’re in full on in your creative zone with no intention of stepping out, PicsArt has enough backgrounds, frames, clipart and more to keep you inspired for hours.

Tap into your inner Andy Warhol with Pop Art Backgrounds, frame your pics in romance with Love Collages, or stick with outer space theme and throw in some UFO Clipart. There is an endless trove of fun stuff to explore, so look around and follow your inspiration.

Your move

Make a cosmic collage and get Pop Space on PicsArt today! PicsArt is free to download on phones and tablets across iOS, Android, and Windows.

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