Thanksgiving Backgrounds

thanksgiving backgrounds with girl by picsartThanksgiving is one of America’s most beloved traditions. It’s that time of year when the harvest has been gathered, leaves are falling off the trees and orange and red hues take over everyone’s social media feeds. What better way to share your Thanksgiving celebrations than with our indulgently cozy Thanksgiving Backgrounds? PicsArt now has 10 adorable backgrounds inspired by Thanksgiving for you and your followers to enjoy!

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Who are Thanksgiving Backgrounds For

PicsArt’s Thanksgiving Backgrounds are for everyone. Besides Thanksgiving being all about celebrating gratitude, it’s also about sharing in the abundance of the end-of-year harvest. That means sitting down for a Thanksgiving dinner with those we love and eating amazing food! With backgrounds including turkeys, pumpkins, autumn leaves and fall-inspired checkered tablecloths, you can celebrate your Thanksgiving holiday memories and make them as sweet as pumpkin pie!

Where to Find Thanksgiving Backgrounds

thanksgiving backgrounds preview by picsartYou can get your Thanksgiving Backgrounds on the PicsArt app, a free photo editor that you can download on any smartphone or tablet. Once you open the editor, all you have to do is tap the checkerboard icon, scroll through the options and select Thanksgiving Table Backgrounds from the menu. Another way is to open the PicsArt Store and search for “Thanksgiving Table Backgrounds.”

How to Use Thanksgiving Backgrounds

PicsArt’s backgrounds are super easy to use. Once you’ve selected the Thanksgiving Background you like, all you have to do is take your favorite shots of your Thanksgiving festivities and drag them into place. And you shouldn’t stop there! PicsArt has so many cool features that you can use to spruce up your pictures.

Dragging and Customizing

You can move your picture’s position around by dragging it with one finger. Or, you can use two-finger touch movements to rotate, zoom in or zoom out of your photo.

Add Stickers

Stickers are a cute and fun way to liven up your pictures. Show some gratitude with PicsArt’s adorable Thanksgiving cliparts, like our Happy Thanksgiving and Harvest Clipart.

Add Frames

You can take your pictures one step further and add some frames as well. You can continue with the Thanksgiving theme and use our Feast Frames, or you can give your pictures some retro vibes with Vintage Frames. You can also glam your pictures up with our Glitter Frames. The options are endless!

Cut It Out

You can cut out people and objects in your photos with the Cutout Tool and turn them into custom stickers! Just open the Cutout Tool, trace the area you’d like to cut, and apply your sticker to any of the Thanksgiving Backgrounds.

Combine With Photo Effects

Nothing brings the best out of a photo like a well chosen effect. So make sure your turkey and pie pictures are enhanced the way they deserve to be. Just open your photo, tap on the Effects icon and choose a filter.

Follow a Tutorial

We know you want to adorn your pics with the warmth and happiness that comes with this holiday. Luckily, PicsArt’s got hundreds of features and tools for you to discover, and we have tutorials for any level of experience and interest. So get some great tips by following a PicsArt Tutorial. You’ll be surprised at how how easy it is!


November is a beautiful time of year and sharing your fall photos is a must. Be sure to include hashtags like #Thanksgiving, #turkey and #autumn so more people will see your photos. PicsArt also allows you to upload your edited pictures to your favorite social networks. So choose a social network and share your awesome images!

Remix and Get Remixed

Besides sharing your pictures on different social media networks, you can share the editing experience with Thanksgiving Backgrounds by adding the #freetoedit tag to your edited photos and have them open for remixing! This means that anyone from the PicsArt community can take your image and edit it in his or her own way! As a result, your images can be transformed into something completely different by people from all over the world! Similarly, you too can edit other people’s #freetoedit images and give them your own magical spin!

Craving More Backgrounds?

Looking for more PicsArt backgrounds? Don’t worry, PicsArt has so many fabulous backgrounds for you to have fun with. Browse them all in the PicsArt Store! Try our Sky Backgrounds, get creative with Meme Backgrounds or go funky with our Geometric Backgrounds.

Your Move

We know you’ll be busy with stuffing your face with stuffing, but don’t forget to download Thanksgiving Backgrounds on PicsArt first! PicsArt is available to download for free on phone and tablets across iOS, Android, and Windows.

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