big game photography tips

When you accept an invitation to this Sunday’s big game party, you’re punching your ticket to one of the year’s wildest emotional roller coasters. A championship is at stake, and with a lot of people’s hopes and dreams riding on it, the big game offers some of the year’s biggest thrills, many of which you just don’t want to miss capturing on camera.

As long as you don’t lean your camera too far in front of the game, this is a day tailor-made for a photographer. Nerves and excitement are running high, and there’s loads of chances for some intense and emotional photography. Here are five big moments that every photographer should look out for come kickoff time.

1. The Group Shot

friends picture

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Set the tone for the evening with a pre-game group shot, and capture everyone in full gear from jerseys to game-faces. The trick here is to focus on why you’re all here. If it’s about the love of the game, toss a football into the mix. If it’s the party, raise a glass and get everyone in the mood. If your favorite team is playing, all you have to do is say this shot is for that friend that hopes we lose, and watch everyone snap into character.

2. Go for the Easy Points and Aim for the Stomach

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There is bound to be a legendary food situation for the big game, so capture the spread in it’s full glory before people start chowing down. An overhead shot is the best way to shoot a large and diverse spread. Of course, the key ingredient is the game itself, so maybe try bringing the atmosphere of the party into your shot as a festive backdrop.

3. Keep It Candid

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There are too many staged fist bumps in this world, but there is nothing like a championship to bring out the real thing. There will be outburst, cheers, nail-biting and high fives; you just have to stay out of your own way. Keep to the sidelines and don’t call attention to yourself. When you see a great reaction, play it casual and hold your hand steady when you snap the shutter. There are no retakes, so don’t blur the shot with a flinch.

4. Snap a Gear Selfie

gear selfie

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If you’re suited up for the game, stand and be counted among the football faithful with a gear selfie. Unlike a regular selfie, your team comes first, so don’t hesitate to put your logo front and center.

5. Stick Around Post-Game

big game after-party

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The end of the game separates championship and defeat, joy and heartbreak. This is what it’s all about, so don’t put your camera away just because the game is over. A great football party has overtime, whether it’s the losers clutching each other for comfort, or the winners leaping in ecstasy. Go easy on the losers, but follow the winners out the door. It’s going to be a legendary night of celebrating, and someone has to capture it on camera.

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