We’ve all seen it. Those feeds that feature highly curated, cohesive minimal photos that instantly bring to mind a sense of peace. Whether it’s a simple cup of coffee or a retro car parked on the street, every photo exemplifies the “less is more” mentality. Want to recreate it for yourself? Here are 5 steps to creating the perfect minimalist feed.

1. Shoot with negative space.

negative space

If there is one thing that screams minimalism, it’s a heavy use of negative space. Described as the space around or between the subjects of an image, negative space creates brings emphasis to a single point in an image. It also keeps the image clean and free of distractions from the subject.

2. Think about scale.


Scale can create a dramatic impact on a photo. When shooting minimalist portraits of people, shoot them small against a looming background, creating a stark effect. You can also do the opposite and go up close to a diminutive subject, and shoot them against a simple background.

3. Shoot against a plain, monochromatic background.

shoot on plain backgrounds

Nothing busy will ever look minimal. So, make sure to shoot your subjects against a plain background. If it’s monochromatic, that’s even better. You want a simple backdrop to draw attention to your subject. It also creates consistency in your feed.

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4. Creatively crop your subjects.

creative crops

This is one of those occasions where it’s acceptable to crop a person in an odd way. Photograph just their arm, or the top half of the body. For buildings, shoot just the top or a single point of interest, rather than the entire building. This leaves the viewer wanting more— creating a sense of mystery.

5. Utilize geometry, lines and repeating patterns.

geometry, lines, patterns

Strong lines, repeating patterns, and sharp geometry are great ways to create a strong minimal feel. Whether it’s a close-up shot of architectural accents or a snap of telephone lines against a bright blue sky, abstract shots create maximum impact with just a few elements.

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Nanette is the social media manager at PicsArt. She also is a lifestyle photographer and blogger elsewhere: www.culturalchromatics.com