Do you wonder how to draw a dancing scene for our Drawing Challenge #DCdance? Follow our comprehensive, yet easy, 6 step tutorial, pick up the most suitable PicsArt drawing tools and let your creativity and imagination tango together. 

Step 1

Select a thin black painting tool and liberally sketch the rough shape of your dancer. Don’t be afraid to make a lot of extra lines, just focus on getting the basic shape right.

Step 2

Erase all of the extra lines, leaving only the outlines of the most important shapes then fill in the finer details such as your dancer’s facial features and clothing folds.

Step 3

Add colors in one layer at a time. Be sure to use different tones for each segment of your drawing to create depth, using lighter tones in brightly lit areas and darker tones around the edges. Leave the more extreme ends of the shading spectrum(bright lights and dark shadows) for the end of your drawing.


Step 4

For the background, add a new layer and drag it to the back so that your drawing does not obscure your dancer. Use fillers and large brushes to create richly textured backdrops and add as many layers as you want.

Step 5

Zoom in close to specific areas in order to add extra colors and details. The close view allows for finer precision and adds texture and richness to your sketch.

Step 6

For the final touch. Add lighting to your image by first going over your drawing with a white spray brush to add accents where the light is brightest, especially on the shinier parts such as on your dancer’s skin and hair. Do the same with a dark spray brush for the areas that are the least well-lit such as clothing folds and the shadows below your dancer’s feet. You may also want to add accents of yellow spray to create the effect of a warm spotlight.