By Angela Le

PicsArt not only captures the many creative layers of us humans, but also the warm, fuzzy feelings that come from our four-legged friends. Though they don’t speak the same language as we do, they can surely send jolts of joy to our hearts with a wag of a tail or a nudge of a paw. In celebration of National Pet Day, here are eight pets we’re dying to snuggle with.

1. “Soon.”

Photo by 青柠 (@sssss-y)

2. This little guy knows all about the perfect lighting.

Photo by Island (@theweek)

3. Is anyone else as fawned (yes, we went there) of this little one as we are?

Photo by Christelle (@cristzl_)

4. The very definition of “puppy eyes.”

Photo by lea (@leakooplalala)

5. “I think I’ll stay right here, thank you very much.”

Photo by Madlene Minassian (@madlene_pa)

6. Oh, the simple pleasures of green grass, blue sky, and chasing toys all day long.

Photo by nanette wong (@nanette_pa)

7. “Hello human. Feed me, please!”

Photo by @sezgin2

8. It really doesn’t get better than Drake, the chameleon.

Photo by Megan (@meganannharmon_pa)

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