PicsArt is used all around the world being installed for over 140 million times globally. To make PicsArt speak your language,  we have recently started collaborating with users to translate PicsArt into 50 languages. 

So far, it has been an inspiring success, with users having already fully translated the PicsArt app into 8 languages: Traditional Chinese, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Russian, and Serbian (Cyrillic). Ten more languages are over 50% of the way there, including Japanese, Arabic, Korean and Finnish. 

You can suggest a translation for any part of the PicsArt app, whether you want to get heavily involved, like user Cheng Hsiang Jung, who translated 4,556 words into Traditional Chinese, or do a smaller part like user Lee Rosenblit, who translated 60 words into Hebrew. Every bit counts in the process of creating a version of PicsArt in your own language. 

You can also participate by checking the proposed translated words in a language you know well, and voting for which suggestion you think fits the best. 

translate picsart

We would like to extend our appreciation to those people who went above and beyond the call of duty in helping us to translate PicsArt.  

For all of you who want to take part, here is how you can join our localization translation project: 

1. Go to using your smartphone or web browser

2. Sign up and validate your account

3. Search for PicsArt using the “Quick Search” box at the top of the page

4. Select “PicsArt Translation”

5. Select your language

6. Select “Translate” to add your suggestions or vote for suggested options 

*Please note, we are using a third party service to facilitate this, courtesy of Every time a language is 100% translated  and validated, we will include it  in the latest PicsArt update!