Original content is one of the biggest discussion topics on the internet. Whether it’s in the context of copyrighted material, torrents, creative licenses, or images on a blog post, the ability for anyone to share anything has led to some fascinating debates. Those debates have, naturally, come to our PicsArt community as well. Over the past few months, the team and I have been thinking a lot about the rules that govern how we handle unoriginal content. In an effort to reduce confusion and frustration from our users about PicsArt’s role as a platform, we’ve worked together to establish the following:

PicsArt understands that…

  • People will post and share unoriginal work.  

  • Like other popular platforms, PicsArt can’t proactively moderate incoming images for originality because it is impossible to verify every image’s creative license.

  • To comply with the law, the copyright holder must be the one to report copyright infringement.

  • We want to give everyone the same process so that we are fair.

PicsArt will…

  • Feature original content in manually curated spaces – we’ll do the best we can (note this excludes spaces like the the algorithm-determined ‘Interesting’ section).

  • Swiftly take action on a valid DMCA takedown notice.

  • Allow only the copyright owner to issue a DMCA takedown notice; we will not observe DMCAs submitted by other users.

I think that every reasonable user of PicsArt understands that unoriginal content will be shared. What upsets our community the most, I believe, is that unoriginal content that’s featured “takes a spot away” from a more deserving artist. This is where the Community Team comes in: we won’t get it right 100% of the time, but we hope our efforts have been noticed.  For example, we recently increased manual curation in our Explore Page so you should see more original works featured there. We will continue to do more of that, specifically by curated the Daily Inspiration card as well.

Soon, you can expect a better DMCA reporting UI that will reflect this policy. It will look very similar to this:

picsart community update

PHEW! I know that that’s a lot to take in. We’ll have a lot more to discuss in the near future (including what to do about transformative fair use), but I think this is a good start! Please feel free to leave your feedback below. I know that this is a charged topic, so please try to be respectful and constructive in the comments. We’re always listening 🙂

Retagging Images

Glad you asked! Last week we talked about how some users were retagging images so that they would show up in the ‘Daily Inspiration’ card. This wouldn’t be a huge issue if the images actually followed the Daily Inspiration prompt. Alas, people were gaming the system by retagging their popular photos. We’ve made a small improvement that will hopefully cut down on retagged images showing up in the Daily Inspiration card that should make it a better experience for you. Keep us in the loop about whether or not you notice an improvement in the variety of users in the Daily Inspiration Card.

PicsArt + Pencil = 🙂

On top of all of this, this week we released a new iOS version with all sorts of new features – including integration with FiftyThree’s Pencil stylus! You can read all about that update here

community update

See you all in the comments 🙂

– Carter, Senior Community Manager