Photography is expressed in different styles; mainly as fine art or documentary. Abstract photography belongs to the first category and aims to excite and engage the viewer rather than give information. In other words, abstract photography is all emotions born from the approach of the photographer.

To make abstract photos, all you need is your camera, good imagination and some very elementary tips that we will share with you.

First of all, when you see an object, it is important to define what specifically attracts you in it. Be very attentive to the details of the objects, treat them as separate of the whole and you will be able to create another whole from the details. When observing your objects be very attentive to the reoccurring patterns, colors and lines.

One more, very important factor in abstraction photography is the form of the object. You can concentrate either on the object as a whole, or on a particular part of its form. Colors are essential elements in abstraction shots; they attract, fascinate and express the mood of the photo. Play with colors carefully when you want to stress some of them.

Finally, working in macro enhances the effect of abstraction in photo.  If you choose to take the shot close to the object, this will bring out specific textures or colors in the photos.

Choose the angle for your shots. Objects are different when they are shot in different angles and distance. 

Be creative and artistic! Also, let people see what THEY see in your photos and not specifically what you saw when shooting the image!