The latest update for Android and iOS has just rolled in and we’ve got some exciting new features for you to try out. This update is all about improved image quality and making it easier for you to do the stuff you love. Read on to find out more, then head over to Google Play or the App Store to update and try it out for yourself! 

Doubled Resolution

First and foremost, we’re doubling the resolution supported on the app. With PicsArt 5.1, you can edit your photos, create collages, and draw without sacrificing image quality, with the app supporting resolutions up to eight megapixels.

double resolution

Easier Tags and Mentions

On Android devices, adding hashtags and communicating with PicsArtists has never been easier. When you want to add a hashtag or mention another user, simply tap on the appropriate button and a list of suggested hashtags or users will automatically appear, so you can add them with just the tap of a finger.

android and iOS update

Double-Tap Likes

Supporting your friends and fellow PicsArtists just got even simpler on Android devices. We’ve introduced a double-tap liking system, so you can like images directly in list view, without even needing to open them.

android and iOS update

Save Drafts in Draw

Are you an iOS user who needs to take a break while creating a drawing? Now you can, because we’ve aligned the saving options on iOS devices with those on Android devices. Now you can save your drawing as a draft and come back to it later when you’re ready to finish it.