how to draw step by step

We are announcing the new #drawstepbystep tag for user drawing tutorials. The Drawing Challenge has seen some excellent entries, and one of the fortuitous bi-products of these contests has been pictorial tutorials posted by users for their drawings. This has been a wonderful trend of users sharing their expertise by saving images of their drawings during various stages of the drawing-process, then compiling them into collages. These final collages are super easy-to-follow step-by-step drawing tutorials, and we want to make them easier to locate for users who are eager to learn and improve their drawing skills. We have, therefore, decided to announce this new tag, specifically for these user tutorials to make them more readily accessible to the PicsArt community.

Tag your own drawing tutorials with #drawstepbystep to share your drawing techniques with all your admirers in the PicsArt community and let them in on the artistic process behind your greatest drawings.