PicsArt has partnered with FiftyThree to allow you to use their Pencil stylus on your phone or tablet for a totally natural drawing experience. While drawing with your finger is an art form in and of itself, nothing beats the precision of using a stylus like Pencil, whether you’re coloring or sketching. So what do you need to know about FiftyThree’s Pencil? The most important thing to know is that it acts just like a pencil you’d use on normal paper – but on your smart device. 

Take advantage of Pencil’s Surface Pressure feature

Just like a real pencil or maker, the more you angle Pencil, the thicker the line will be. You can still control the brush size in settings, but have more finite control with Surface Pressure. You can also use the side of Pencil for shading.

PicsArt and fifty three cooperation 

The eraser is an eraser

What’s a pencil without an eraser? (It’s a pen, but just go with it). Be bold and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. If you do, just flip Pencil over and erase what you want, and try, try again.

PicsArt and fifty three Cooperation 

New, textured backgrounds

With Pencil feeling as natural as it does, you should be able to draw on backgrounds that are equally as natural. Our new backgrounds include textures like watercolor paper, blackboard, construction paper, and more. 

Create, save, and share GIF’s of your creative process

With the addition of Pencil compatibility, we’ve also added a new way for you to show off your skills. Now, in addition to saving and sharing a timelapse video, you can save and share a timelapse GIF. GIF’s are automatically created from 10 frames and you can adjust the speed at which they play back. Share it anywhere – including, of course, on PicsArt. 

PicsArt and fifty three cooperation

Pencil will be available on iOS devices (iPhone 4S+, iPad 3+, and iPad Mini) soon.