Nicole McClelland


 👋 Hello, and welcome to Stickers 101! The goal: to turn you into a sticker-making savant. The pass rate: 100% 

Creating stickers is super easy. Anyone, and we really do mean anyone, can pick up the art of sticker making and master it with minimal practice. Beware though, once you complete this mini crash course you’ll want to make stickers of everything and may or may not feel a need to start up your own meme page.

The drip art selfie trend is still going strong — and shows no signs of stopping. 🔥🔥🔥

Our YouTube home feed has been completely overrun by ultra-savvy drip art tutorials and Magic effects galore! We’ve been secretly binge-watching them in our free time, but it doesn’t seem right to keep them all to ourselves. They’re just too awesome not to share! 

These tutorials are just a small handful of MANY created by PicsArt users just like you. We did our best to choose varying styles to help you become the best drip artist you can possibly be. 💖 

Drip art selfies are taking over! You could say they’re officially oozing into every nook, crack, and cranny of our lives. 🤪 It all began over the weekend when our feeds started filling up with an insane number of melting digital art masterpieces. We’re definitely not complaining though! You guys, and the Magic effects, have never looked better. 🙆‍♀️🙆‍♂️✨

Although it’s clear a ton of you already have the dripping effect on 🔒, we’ve also received a lot of questions on how to get in on the trend while it’s still HOT. The good news is that the edit itself can be done by anyone, even those who have never tried PicsArt! 

We wish we could snap our fingers and throw you the epic prom, graduation, and senior trip you deserve. 🕺🎉 Since we can’t, we’re gifting you the next best thing: free Zoom backgrounds to help you celebrate the most anticipated school events and milestones from home, plus a few extras for fun!

We know it’s not exactly the same, but you’ll still be able to get some pretty awesome (screen)shots that generations to come will get a kick out of. Buckle up and hit mute because you’re about to scream over how awesome these are. 😱  

Alert, alert! We have some very important information that is guaranteed to improve your working-from-home experience ten-fold. Hint: It involves something we’ve all been doing a lot more of lately… Zoom video conferencing! 

Zoom video conferencing is awesome for a lot of reasons. There’s the obvious: You can chat face-to-face with nearly anyone in the world while in sweatpants (business on top, of course 👔). But, there’s another key game-changer that you might be in the dark about that sets Zoom above the rest: their virtual background feature. 

Hello from our couch to yours! 👋🛋️

The world may be in hibernation mode for the time being, but that doesn’t mean your creativity has to, too. This post is all about how to #StayINspired with PicsArt while #StayingINside. It’s the first of many in our #CreateFromHome blog series that we’ll be adding to over the next few weeks. ✨ We’re in this together!