best photos 2015

PicsArt is a place where people come together to beautify the world with their creations and collaborations. We have always believed that creativity is more than just a filter. This year our community showed us that they agree through their amazing shots, edits and drawings. Below is a sampling of some of our favorite images from the community from 2015. If you’d like to see more of our favorite images, check out our full 2015 Year in Review.

creative crop photo composition

Image by Sofia Marchetti (@marchetti21).

Creative photo editing

Image by Victoria Siemer (@witchoria).

negative space photo composition

Image by mohammed zain (@bzein).

best shape crop editing

Image by Fiona Martén (@kunstfaser).

creative abstract editing

Image by Panna Kelemen (@pankakelemen).

best digital drawing 2015

Image by ngyoungjoo (@yourblues_artist).

geometric photo composition

Image by Eukharis Leuar (@erisleuar).

artistic photo composition

Image by Sonia Kohanenko (@beatena).

animal hybrid photo editing

Image by Guillermo Vásqez (@damepistachos).

artistic photography editing

Image by amelia b (@justamelia).

optical illusion photpgraphy

Image by c|wehling (@islcloz).

color splash editing

Image by BlueeSwan (@blueeswan).

drawing and photo composition

Image by Ngoc Bich Nguyen (@ngocbich-nguyen-965).

minimalism photo composition

Image by Ponda Ronalda (@ponda_ronalda).

artistic double exposure

Image by Shyanam (@shy35).

You know we couldn’t just stop at 15. Download the 2015 Year in Review to see more beautiful images and to read some amazing stories from our community members.


Megan Ann Harmon is the Director of Content at PicsArt.