If you think that photographing birds is simple, then you have never shot a bird before! And by shooting, we mean with a camera, of course!  
So, if you ever decide to go after photographing birds, the tips we share here will be of much help…

First, and even the most critical, is being very careful and calm. You need to develop techniques of getting as close as possible to them without scaring them away. It’s not an easy task, as birds have very strong self-preservation instinct.

Photographers spend hours and days in hunt of the best shots with birds. So be very patient and don’t give up. You will have to make hundreds of shots for one good photo.

Remember one thing: you can never come closer enough to the bird you want to shoot. Yet, don’t run after the 500+ pixel lenses immediately. You’d better get a blind and a pair of waders instead.

Be very attentive to the light. In order to take interesting photos and not just a static shot, carefully consider some factors:
– Birds are awesome when shot in action, mainly flying. Static photos of birds are boring.
– Get close enough, catch the light, and shoot the birds in action. Make many photos, but bring out the best ones.
– Finally, the lenses should be considered as second priority after the technique of coming closer to the bird.

What lenses to use? If you decided upon taking bird photography professionally, then go on for the heavy lenses for sure. Hence, if just a hobby, then go for practical lenses, but before practice your patience. Wink