pictures of books

In a world where more and more books are being downloaded, and pages are often tapped and not turned, sometimes it’s good to appreciate the simple beauty of a good book. Today, step away from your e-book and pick up a hard copy of your favorite read. If you’re lucky enough to have an old book in your possession, study the craftsmanship of the cover, the details of the pages sewn into the spine. Then, add your pictures to the PicsArt library by adding the hashtag #book.

There’s something satisfying about feeling the weight of a book on your lap, or holding the page between your fingers as you turn it. What’s your favorite place to enjoy a good book? In the great outdoors with a hot cup of tea? Curled in your reading nook with a purring cat on your lap? However you like to read, share the experience with us today using the SATtag #book.