The moon has been a source of wonder and mystery for a long time. From stories of the man in the moon, to the belief that strange things can happen under a full moon, this mysterious fixture in our sky has inspired many legends and folklore. Once a month, when the moon is full, we get a closer glimpse at our mysterious moon. This week is one of those times, and we want to see your best #fullmoon shots. 

Before snapping your shutter, take a moment to reflect on the beauty of the full moon. Where would you like to take your photograph? What mood would you like to convey? Photographing the moon can be tricky, so you’ll probably need to experiment with your camera settings to ensure that it doesn’t come out overexposed or underexposed. If you want to add some drama to your shots, you can even add something from the In the Sky or Universe packages in the PicsArt Shop. Once you’ve got your shot, add the #fullmoon tag to participate.