Today is 📅! Don’t have your magnifying glass? That emoji says July 17th, which is the unofficial holiday to celebrate World Emoji Day.  🎉

Quick history lesson! Way back in 2014, Jeremy Burge, an emoji historian (how do we get that job?! 🧐) and founder of Emojipedia, started World Emoji Day. The holiday is meant to celebrate emojis and to spread the joy that emojis bring to our daily lives. Count us in! 🙋‍ 🥳 We’ll use any excuse to celebrate over a big slice 🍰 of emoji cake. 

There are tons of reasons to celebrate emojis! They’re cute. 🥰 They help convey emotion and intention, turning a text message from sounding 😡 to 😊.  They help us express emotions without words. 👍😂😢 Emojis have even become Halloween costumes, home decor, and animated movies. 

We love our emoji friends and today, we’re ready to celebrate them in their full glory with some awesome emoji edits. Wondering how to make your own emoji background, swap your face for an emoji, or get really creative and combine a few emojis together for an emoji-palooza? 💕 Check out these five emoji tutorials and edits to help spark ideas for your World Emoji Day work of art! 🧑‍🎨 Don’t forget to share on social and tag @PicsArt so we can party with you and your awesome emoji edits. 

1. Emoji My Face 

Check out your most commonly used emojis. Do you have a favorite one that embodies your personality? This Emoji Day, 😂🙄😜 create a fun face swap emoji edit to express your emoji-self! Simply search for your favorite emoji sticker in PicsArt, place it over your face, and voila, you’re an emoji! 

2. Make An Awesome Emoji Background 

Give your photos extra personality by adding an emoji background. Follow along with our tutorial to learn how to easily create cute emoji backgrounds.  

  • Open PicsArt and select the “+” to go to the Create Page.
  • Scroll down to “Color Backgrounds” and choose the transparent background
  • Select “Stickers” and choose a variety of your favorite emoji stickers. 
  • You can select the layer icon on the top of the photo editor to easily duplicate the emoji and create your favorite emoji patterns
  • Save to photos and you’re done! Now you can apply this background to any photo of your choice. 🎉

Not sure where to start? Check out our post on How To Make A On-Of-A-Kind Emoji Background for more inspiration or search “emoji background replay” in the PicsArt app to get the perfect edit in just a few taps!

3. Create An Emoji Combo 

Level up your emoji game by merging multiple emojis into a mega emoji sticker!

  • Open PicsArt and select the “+” to go to the Create Page.
  • Scroll down to “Color Backgrounds” and choose the transparent background
  • Select “Stickers” and choose your “base” emoji. (In this tutorial, that’s the tomato sticker.)
  • Select “Stickers” and choose your secondary emoji. 
  • Select the Eraser Icon and erase around the face, leaving only the expression. 
  • Save your image and upload as a sticker. Ta-Da! 

4. Design An Emoji Flower Crown

Be sure to wear some 🌼 emoji flowers in your hair with our flower crown Replay! You can also create your own emoji flower crown by searching for your favorite emojis in “Stickers”. Add emoji stickers in the shape of a crown to any photo of your choice and become the emoji king or queen 👑 you’ve always dreamed of! 

5. Make Your Own Emoji Sticker Brush 

Wondering how to create an emoji sticker brush? It’s actually really easy to create one to add a little sparkle, pop, or — fries 🍟 — to your photos. What emojis do you use most often? Make a brush out of them! 

  • Open PicsArt and select the “+” to go to the Create Page.
  • Select the photo you’d like to add emojis to. 
  • Select the “Brushes” Tool.
  • Search for your favorite emoji.
  • Apply to your photo in one simple stroke!

What are you waiting for? It’s time to start celebrating and make awesome!

Celebrate Emojis 🎉

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Melissa Myers