*Ping* – The PicsArt iMessage Sticker Keyboard has entered the chat. 👋💬 And, it might just be the best thing to happen to text messaging since T9. (Install PicsArt here to try it now!)

It’s not only us who are obsessed with it either. TikTokers around the world are getting in on the fun and going ~viral~ in the process! With PicsArt iPhone Stickers any conversation can go your way. You can:

1. Adopt All the Dogs 🐶

@coleskoryOMG! Thanks Dad!!! 😂🐶 ##prank ##iphone♬ original sound – coleskory

2. Shop ‘Til You Drop 🛍

@clairearmbrustrrCatch me flexing on everyone in 2 days ##mom ##yes ##college♬ original sound – clairearmbrustrr

3. Prank Your Parents 🤔 

@gabe.lucasHAHA wait til the end!! ##foryou ##foryoupage ##newname ##CoolRanchDance ##jobtips ##BestThingSince ##fyp♬ Bossa-Nova – Tim Rescala

4. Turn Introverts Into Extroverts 🎉

@picsartCalling all clowns! 📢🤡 Our ##imessage Sticker Keyboard is waiting for you. ##picsart ##editing101♬ original sound – picsart

5. And Get Instant Abs! 💪

@picsartGet quick gainz w/ the ##picsart iMessage Sticker Keyboard 🤪💪 ##funny ##funnyvideos ##fyp ##editing101♬ original sound – picsart

Now that’s what we call quality content. Stickers and text messages clearly belong together. 👉👈

With millions of free PicsArt iMessage Stickers at your fingertips, the options really are limitless! Of course, if for some reason you can’t find exactly what you want to say, you can always create personalized PicsArt Stickers instead (we recommend making several of your pets, but that’s just us 🤷‍♀️). It may take a tiny bit longer, but we promise your friends’ reactions and all the notification pings will make it SO worth it. Watch the two tutorials below to become a PicsArt Sticker maker pro in no time!

3 Ways to Create Custom iMessage Bubble Stickers: 


How to Turn Your Pet into a Sticker in Just a Few Taps:


Ready to break the group chat? Simply install PicsArt here. Once you have PicsArt downloaded on your device our iMessage Sticker Keyboard will automatically appear as an option! Good luck and happy clowning 🤡

Go ~Viral~ With PicsArt 

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