picasso style drawing

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to create a Picasso-inspired portrait using PicsArt’s drawing tools. Why Picasso? Because his journey into artistic abstraction revolutionized the 20th century and inspired generations of artists to come! So, without further adieu, read on to get some artistic inspiration, and try to come up with your own symbolic scene and pay homage to one of the greatest minds of the century.

Step 1: Create Sketch

Fill your first layer with white background. In a new layer on top, use a black brush to create your initial sketch.

draw a sketch

Step 2: Refine Your Sketch

In a new layer and with a thinner brush, trace your initial sketch, but this time with cleaner lines. When you are satisfied, tap the eye icon to hide the initial sketch layer.

sketch outlining

Step 3: Color Your Drawing

Create a new layer underneath your refined sketch and, using a variety of different colored brushes, start coloring in your scene. Use a thick brush to do this.

coloring the drawing

Step 4: Add Dark Line Accents and Background

On the top layer, use a medium-sized brush to add some black line details to your image. Also, in the original coloring layer, fill in the rest of your background.

background coloring coloring background

Step 5: Add Lighting Accents

On the top layer, use a thin white brush to add a light source and the final lighting accents to the figure. You’re done—don’t forget to save your work and share it!

draw lighting accents

save picasso style drawing