creative space drawing contest

For this week’s Drawing Challenge, we are asking you to draw your creative space using the PicsArt app. Focus on the table where you create – whether it is your your desk or your drafting table – we want you to draw the area where you do your best work. Make sure to draw your creative space for this week’s Drawing Challenge, using the PicsArt app. 

Maybe, it’s not even about drawing. Maybe it’s the desk where you do your sound editing or the table where you lay out your make-up, draw it out to enter the contest. This contest is about drawing the place where your creativity soars. Find out how to enter below. 

How to Enter the Contest

Submit a maximum of 2 drawings between Saturday morning and Tuesday, December 2nd, at midnight (23:59 PST).

Submit a drawing by tagging it with #DCcreativespace or entering it in the Contest section.

Non-original art will be removed! Your drawing must be drawn with the PicsArt App, and it must be your own work. If not, you will be disqualified. 

How to Vote

Vote for your favorites in the Contest section, where all entries are displayed randomly. Voting begins Wednesday, December 3rd, and closes Monday, December 8th.

Contest Winners 

The 10 drawings with the most votes win. Our jury will also choose one entry outside of the the top 10 to be featured.