unicorn drawing contest

This week, we’re galloping into the world of fantasy for the Drawing Challenge, and asking you to draw the most amazing unicorn using the PicsArt app.

A unicorn is a white horse with long horns who have a long tradition in fables and myths dating back hundreds of years. In fact, they go as far back as the ancient Greeks. Unicorns are symbols of grace and purity, and are said to have magical healing powers, so if there was ever a creature you wanted to do justice with your paintbrush, it’s this one.

Create a stunning unicorn using PicsArt Drawing Tools, and share it on PicsArt with the tag #DCunicorn to submit it into the contest.

How to Enter the Contest

Submit a maximum of 2 drawings between Saturday morning and Tuesday, March 3rd, at midnight (23:59 PST).

Submit a drawing by tagging it with #DCunicorn or entering it in the Contest section.

Non-original art will be removed! Your drawing must be drawn with the PicsArt App, and it must be your own work. If not, you will be disqualified.

How to Vote

Vote for your favorites in the Contest section, where all entries are displayed randomly.

Voting begins Wednesday, March 4th, and closes Monday, March 9th.

Contest Winners

The 10 drawings with the most votes win. Our jury will also choose one entry outside of the the top 10 to be featured.