What is it?

Our Drawing Challenges are growing more popular each week.  In celebration, we’ve chosen to focus on one of our favorite topics – pets!  This week’s challenge is #DCpets.


This Weeks’s Theme (#DCpets)

Maybe you’ve got a pet you love (or don’t).  Maybe you loved a pet and lost it.  Maybe you want a pet but your partner gave you a stuffed animal instead and told you to live with it.  Point is, there’s a ton of creative fodder when it comes to drawing pets…so grab your phone or tablet and go crazy with PicsArt!


How to Enter

Simply draw a picture or picture of a pet in any scenario.  After you’ve drawn it, then tag it with the hashtag #DCpets and post it into the PicsArt stream. All entries must be received by midnight on Monday, April 8 (San Francisco time).


How to Win

We are relieved to say that this will be the very last week our jury system.  Starting next week we’ll have a whole new approach to the DC.  Until then, our jury will choose the 10 best images that were created in PicsArt using our Drawing Tool as the #DCpets finalists.  NOTE: only images drawn in PicsArt will be considered.  Go for it!