Last week, we had users draw treehouses using the PicsArt app for our Drawing Challenge. Today, we get to see the nuts and bolts behind some of the best entries.

These drawing tutorials show you how users drew their treehouses, which were created with the use of PicsArt’s collage maker to mount the screenshots. Check out the drawing styles and techniques of your peers below, and find out how some of last week’s finest drawings were made.

Veena (@veena_ch)

Allio (@allio)

Anna Hechtfisch (@annehecht)

neenarora (@neenarora)

masviva (@florecita2000)

Roxy Dalvino (@cica-pinta)

Patrick (@esc83hi)

joud-photography (@joudphotos)

ae (@ae0)

Giulio Grasso(@giuliograsso)

Armin (@armina-pics)

Pon Malar (@pon-malar)

Anne-sarine Godefroid (@annesarine-godefroid)