After the smudged lipstick trend hit the runway last week at London Fashion Week (LFW), we were thinking that the makeup world might have started running out of ideas. But we were wrong, because the latest of the 2017 makeup trends to take over is neon makeup — specifically, neon eyeliner — and it looks kind of amazing. Is neon eyeliner the new holographic makeup? We’re not ready to put down our holographic eyeshadow just yet, but we’ll give neon makeup a try. It’s a pretty edgy look, so before you whip out your credit card to get yourself a whole new eyeshadow palette, try it out with this quick and easy photo editing and drawing tutorial.

  1. Download PicsArt photo editor and collage maker for iOS, Android or Windows.
  2. Open a picture of yourself in the photo editor. Tap on the Effects > Colors > Colorize. Tap on the Colorize icon to open the settings panel and use the sliders to customize the photo effect. Tap on “Apply.”
  3. Tap on the Draw icon to open your picture in the Drawing Tool. Use the color chooser in the bottom left corner to choose a bright color.
  4. Tap on the paintbrush icon to open the brush settings menu and select your brush.
  5. Use two fingers to zoom in on your picture and start drawing! When you’re done, tap on “Apply” and then tap on the arrow icon to finish. Save your photo edit and show off your new neon makeup look by sharing it on PicsArt with the hashtag #NeonMakeup!

What do you think of the new neon makeup trend? Let us know in the comments, and if you had fun with this neon makeup tutorial, don’t forget to share it with your friends!

PicsArt photo editor and collage maker is all about you. If you haven’t tried it, you’re missing out! Remix free-to-edit pictures into awesome collages and memes. Download the app to get in on the action.

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