yummyfood photo tag

Food. It’s one of our most basic needs, and for many of us, it’s a passion. It colors the cultures of the world with the rich flavors and exotic dishes that set one culture apart from another. From trucks serving Mexican food to foie gras in an upscale restaurant, our taste buds are spoiled with the sheer variety of foods we are exposed to, and we definitely don’t hesitate to share our exquisite food photography online.

Having your grandma’s mouth-watering lasagna or your father’s famous honey-walnut shrimp is definitely a luxury. With World Food Day coming up on October 16th, snap a shot of your favorite dish and join PicsArt in exploring the foods of the world. Tempt our palates by showing us the foods you love, the go-to family dinner, or the delectable dish too pretty to eat with the weekly tag #yummyfood.