lines photos

The human eye is naturally drawn to the movement that a line or a path in its visual field creates, and it will, in fact, follow those lines like a devoted puppy. So, today, we ask you to take advantage of our natural eye-born inclinations by incorporating the concept of leading lines into your photographs. Using even the most subtle lines in your composition, you can cleverly draw your viewers’ attention to its subject.

The concept of “leading lines” is a powerful tool in photography and yet, it’s often seriously underutilized. So challenge yourself to include this valuable concept into your images. Pay attention to man-made structures, such as roads, fences, buildings, and even tire marks from a car, as well as natural structures, such as rivers, shorelines, trees, and rocks. We are looking forward to seeing what you’ve got up your sleeves. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #LeadingLines so we can find you and we’ll post our favorites in the app tomorrow!