edit the photo with motion effect

This Friday, we want you to capture motion! Share your shots with the hashtag #Motion

Capturing motion in an image is a great way to tell a story, because you are capturing more than a moment. There are a number of different ways that you can portray motion in an image. 

First, you need to choose your subject, so seek out locations with a lot of action. Head out to the nearest playground, check out a local baseball game, or grab your camera as you head out to an event. Settings like these will ensure that you always have something interesting to photograph. 

To capture motion trails in an image, you’ll need to slow down your shutter speed. When you allow your camera’s shutter to stay open for longer, a moving subject will appear blurred, allowing you to capture an entire range of motion in a single frame. You can also create the illusion of motion super easily using PicsArt’s Motion Blur Effect or Motion Tool. 

Once you’ve got the perfect action shot, share it with the community using the hashtag #Motion, and we’ll feature our favorites tomorrow in the app!