If you’re already a Gilmore Girls fan, we don’t need to tell you: in T-minus four days, our favorite fast-talkin’ duo is BACK! While we patiently await “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life,” we’re bringing you the perfect way to channel your excitement — trick out your photos with the all new Gilmore Girls-inspired clipart! Available now in the PicsArt Shop.

A lot of us here at PicsArt are die-hard GG fans, so we made this free pack to celebrate creatively with everyone who’s equally obsessed. It has all the essentials: stickers inspired by Luke’s iconic yellow sign, Rory’s Chilton school uniform, a giant coffee mug and Paul Anka (aka part-time doggie swami). You can even rep which of Rory’s leading men you’re rooting for — Handsome ruffian heir? Brooding literary bad boy? Homegrown first love?— with Team Logan, Team Jess or Team Dean T-shirts.

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So, as we bide our time till the day we find out if Luke and Lorelei will (finally) find long-lasting love, what Rory’s been up to since hitting Obama’s campaign trail and whether or not Kirk still lives with his mom, show off your best creations using our Revival clipart pack by tagging your photos with #YouveBeenGilmored.

Because if we can’t really live in Stars Hollow, we can definitely have fun pretending. Oy with the poodles already!

Get the clipart here and show us your #YouveBeenGilmored photos on PicsArt photo editor!


Nell is a communications consultant with PicsArt. She's passionate about pasta, Wes Anderson, dogs and taking pictures at golden hour.