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Galaxy photo editing

In this step-by-step tutorial, we’ll show you how to use the photo editor to place galactic clipart on your image and give it a supernatural feel. Read on to learn how to do it, and then share your edits with the hashtag #Galaxy!

Step 1: Select Galactic Clipart

Open your image in the photo editor. Next, tap the Clipart icon and from the tab titled Stardust, select the image you like most.

photo editor

stardust clipart images

Step 2: Place Clipart on Image

The clipart will be placed onto your image and you will want to adjust the position slightly. You can do so by dragging the arrows in the corner of the clipart image so that the object rotates to the desired position. Use the slider to reduce the opacity—this will make it easier for you to erase the extra parts of the clipart image so that it blends in seamlessly to your picture!

position clipart image

adjust clipart image

Step 3: Open Brush Tool

You will want to touch up the clipart so that it will look convincing. You can do this by tapping the paintbrush icon next to the opacity slider. Tap on the circle icon to open the brush settings menu.

retouch clipart image

paintbrush settings

Step 4: Clean Up Your Clipart

Select the size of your brush (you can also use the sliders to adjust the opacity and hardness of your brush) and tap on the check mark to confirm. Use your finger or stylus to erase the excess areas of the clipart image—in this case, the area outside of the iris. Tap the check mark to confirm your changes.

adjust paintbrush settings

erase clipart edges

Step 5: Increase Opacity to Add Intensity

Use the slider to adjust the opacity a bit to add some last-minute intensity to your image. When finished, tap the check mark to confirm your changes. Save your image and share it in the app with the hashtag #Galaxy!

adjust clipart image opacity

save photo editing

eye galaxy photo

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