It’s easy. All you need is a sprinkle of imagination and PicsArt — and voilà! You’ve got Halloween makeup gold. Why spend tons of money buying makeup you’ll never wear again, and all those hours drawing your look, only to have to start over when you mess up your eyeliner? Instead, give yourself a dozen looks without spending a dime. All you need is our Halloween Clipart to create some jaw-dropping looks. We show you how.


Halloween Makeup with Skeleton Halloween Clipart by PicsArt
Original #FreeToEdit image by @danielle_hubbard

Skeletons have never looked so stunning. We took the more traditional black and white half-skeleton look and injected some color with Halloween Clipart to keep it fun and, well, awesome. Scary or striking? You decide.



Halloween Makeup with Halloween Clipart by PicsArt
Original image by Olena Bloshchynska/

Everyone will be fawning over how easy and beautiful this look is (we just couldn’t help ourselves). Use our Halloween Clipart to apply it on your face, then adjust to fit. We love how this look manages to be chic, ethereal and pretty all at the same time. If only we had an excuse to wear it year-round…


Halloween Makeup with Vampire Halloween Clipart by PicsArt
Original #FreeToEdit image by @twistedivyy

Grab some Clipart from the Monster Makeup pack to give yourself a ghoulish makeover. The key to pulling off this look is the blood-red lipstick and shadow. So spooky!

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Galaxy Babe

Halloween Makeup with Galaxy Halloween Clipart by PicsArt
Original #FreeToEdit image by @twistedivyy

We don’t know what it is about the stars and the galaxy, but it’s just so dreamy. Use our Stardust Clipart or a picture of the galaxy to overlay over a selfie. Use the eraser brush to erase the edges and adjust the opacity to your liking!

Harley Quinn

Halloween Makeup with Harley Quinn Halloween Clipart by PicsArt
Original image by Denis Simonov/

Of course, we gotta give a shout-out to our favorite villainess, Harley Quinn. Channel this year’s hottest movie character by painting your hair blue and and pink, then use our Strobe and Shimmer or Cheeky Freckles Clipart to channel your inner bad girl.

Sugar Skulls

Halloween Makeup with Death Mask Halloween Clipart by PicsArt
Original #FreeToEdit image by @twistedivyy

Trust us on this one (as people who have tried), doing your own sugar skull makeup is not easy. That’s why we created a Day of the Dead Masks package to make it easier on you. There are 98 options, so go and have fun! Maybe do a new look every day! The options are endless.

Start showing off your new looks by getting our Halloween Clipart, Pumpkin Clipart and Ghost Clipart, and show us your best looks on PicsArt photo editor with #HalloweenMakeup!


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