Jumping and being “caught in air” is fun! Everywhere we go we tend to jump and be stirred in the air in a photo shot. As far as the number of jumpers between us grows rapidly, we have decided to give you some tips on ‘how to’. Follow on to the tips:

TIPS: First of all, make sure you are as close as possible to the jumping ‘object’. This makes the jumping ‘object’ seem higher in the air. Use wide angled lens. 

Getting lower is another trick to make the jump higher and more energetic. If you have a freeze effect on your camera, then use it to freeze the image in the air. This way you might avoid blur in your photos.

Another very important thing is to follow the camera’s timing. If your camera is not a DSLR, the actual time between pressing the shutter and the real time of the shot itself can vary.  Master this delay in the timing during your shots and the quality of your shots will improve!

Shot in landscape and not in a portrait. That way it is possible to amplify the effect of jump through its height. And lastly, include some part of land to show more height.

Make funny poses while in the air!