pencil effect tutorial

In this step-by-step tutorial, we’ll show you how to use the photo editor to apply the Pencil Effect to your images, to achieve a hand-sketched look in all or part of your image. Read on to learn how to do it, and then share your edits with the hashtag #PencilEffect!

Step 1: Open Effects Menu

Open your image in the photo editor. Next, tap the Effect icon and select Artistic from the options that appear.

photo effects menu

artistic photo effect

Step 2: Apply the Pencil Effect

Scroll through the available Effects at the bottom of the screen until you reach the Pencil Effect, and tap it to apply it on your image.

photo effects

pencil effect

Step 3: Adjust the Details Setting

Once the effect has been applied, tap on the gear icon to reveal the adjustment sliders. Swipe the Details slider to the left to decrease the definition of the Effect, and to the right to increase it. Do this until you are satisfied with the result.

adjust pencil effect

configure pencil effect

Step 4: Customize Photo Effect

Do the same as you have in the previous step, but this time with the sliders for Length and Amount.

customizing pencil effect

oencil effect customization

Step 5: Erase Photo Effect

Tap on the gear icon to close the Effect settings menu. Use your finger to start erasing the photo effect.

epencil effects settings

Erase pencil effect

Step 6: Confirm & Save

When you’re done, tap on the check mark to confirm. Save your image and share it with the hashtag #PencilEffect!

 save photo edits

photo sharing

Original #FreeToEdit image by Jamie (@jamie-w-cummings).