gradient effect tutorial

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use the photo editor to apply the Color Gradient Effect. Read on to learn how to do it, and then share your edits with the hashtag #Gradient!

Step 1: Open Effects Menu

Open your image in the photo editor. Tap on Effect and select the Pop Art section.

photo editor effects menu

pop art photo effect

Step 2: Select Photo Effect

Select the Color Gradient Effect. Tap on the gear icon to open the Effect settings menu.

color gradient photo effect

effect adjustment menu

Step 3: Adjust Photo Effect

Select the gradient color scheme you would like to use. Use the sliders to customize the photo effect.

adjust photo effect

customize photo effect

Step 4: Confirm Editing

Tap on the check mark to confirm. Tap on Tool to open the Tools Menu.

confirm photo editing

photo editing tools

Step 5: Select Tilt Shift Tool

Select the Tilt Shift Tool. Use the arrows to adjust where the blur effect will be applied.

tilt shift editing tool

customizing photo effect

Step 6: Adjust Blur

Use the slider to adjust the blur. Tap on the check mark to confirm. Save your work and share it with the hashtag #Gradient!

effect adjustment slider

confirming photo edits

social photo sharing