In this step-by-step tutorial, we’ll walk you through the process of creating a magical drawing with PicsArt’s drawing tools. Follow along to learn how to do it, and then create your own drawing!

Step 1: Create Sketch

In a blank layer, use a thin black brush to sketch your drawing. Create a new layer, reduce the opacity of your sketch, and trace a refined outline of your drawing.

magic drawing sketch

outline sketch drawing

Step 2: Fill Background

Hide the layer containing your original sketch. Select your bottom background layer and tap on the paint bucket icon. Select a dark blue-green color to serve as your background. In a new layer, use an opaque black brush to start coloring in your sketch.

background coloring

Sketch coloring

Step 3: Add Shading & Lighting to Background

Create a new layer and place it just above your background layer. Use a large, soft brush in black and dark green to give your background a smoky effect. Use dark green on the lower part of your drawing so that the hand stands out from the background. Add a new layer and use a lighter green color to add lighting accents to the hand.

How to draw background shading

how to draw background lighting

Step 4: Add Magic

This is where the magic begins! Adding layers as you go, use an opaque brush in bright green to draw a glowing orb. Reduce the hardness and opacity of your brush and draw in some smoke around the edges. Use a dark, transparent brush to add shadows to the side, and switch to a white brush to add a bit of light in the center. This will make your orb appear three-dimensional. Use a small brush with a reduced opacity to add a few glowing dust particles toward the bottom of your drawing. Use a thin brush to draw a vein-like pattern of light over the hand.

how to draw magic

magic drawing tricks

Step 5: Add Background Details

In a new layer, draw swirls of tree roots over your background in a dark brush, so that it blends into the background. This will serve as a subtle frame in your drawing. Use a soft brush in varying shades of bright blue and green to add a spooky glow to the hand (be sure to add this on a layer below your hand drawing). This glow will also allow the hand to stand out from the background. Draw in a few flecks of light, as well as a few glowing plants at the bottom.

draw background details

draw light flecks

Step 6: Add Color Details

In a new layer, start coloring in the hand and sleeve. Use a soft, semi-transparent brush in bright blue and green to add a trail of smoke and a little extra glow to the hand.

add coloring details

add extra glow

Step 7: Draw Details

In a new layer, use a thin brush to sketch a few mystical elements. We chose to add a few butterflies and a lantern.

add mystical elements

draw butterflies and lantern

Step 8: Add Final Details

Select a soft, dark blue brush, reduce the opacity, and draw over the hand and sleeve. This will give them a subtle blue tone that matches the rest of the drawing. Next, use a soft brush to add the final lighting accents to your drawing. Increase the opacity and draw in a few waves of white light for the final spooky touch. When you’re done, don’t forget to share your drawing with the community!

Draw white light for spooky effect

magic drawing art contest