upside down pictures

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use the photo editor to create a surreal upside-down image, inspired by Victoria Siemer (@witchoria). Try it out for yourself, and share your edits with the hashtag #UpsideDown!

Step 1: Open Shape Crop Tool

Open your image in the photo editor. Tap on Tool and select the Shape Crop Tool.

editing tools menu

shape crop tool

Step 2: Select Shape

Select the your shape from the menu. Use the slider to adjust the border size.

select shape to crop

cropping image

Step 3: Open Effects Menu

Tap on the check mark to confirm. Tap on Effect to open the photo effects menu.

apply shape

editor effects menu

Step 4: Apply Photo Effect

Select the Seafoam Effect and tap on the check mark to confirm.

photo filters

seafoam effect

Step 5: Open Draw

Tap on Draw to open your image in the drawing suite. Tap on the Add icon.

editor drawing tools

draw on image

Step 6: Add Photo

Tap on Photo and select your original photo.

open photo in drawing suite

select photo to draw on

Step 7: Place Photo

When your image opens in the Crop Tool, tap on the check mark to confirm. Drag the corners of the image to adjust the size.

image in crop tool

adjust photo corners

Step 8: Drag Layer to Bottom

Tap on the layer icon to view your layers. Drag the top layer to the bottom.

dragging layer

layers view

Step 9: Select Top Layer

Tap on the top layer to select it. Tap on the layer options icon.

drawing layers

drawing layer options

Step 10: Transform Layer

Select Transform. Pinch to adjust the size of the added image. Use a two-finger rotation to flip it upside-down.

transform layer

adjusting  image

Step 11: Open Eraser Tool

Tap on the check mark to confirm. Tap on the eraser icon to open the Eraser Tool.

confirm photo editing

editor eraser tool

Step 12: Erase & Confirm

Use your finger to erase the bottom part of your added image. Tap on the check mark to open your image in the photo editor. Save your work and share it with the hashtag #UpsideDown!

erasing part of a photo

confirming photo edits