In PicsArt, you can combine features creatively, and in this tutorial we show you how useful clipart can be as a shortcut to elaborate decorations in your drawing. We will take you through the process of drawing a female bust and gilding it with a crown of flowers, using clipart from our Flowers clipart package. You will see how clipart can be a magical way to instantly take a simple concept and transform it into something special.

Don’t forget to use PicsArt Video Export feature to share a video of your own art composition once you have completed your drawing and editing process! 

 Step 1: Open Draw

Press Draw in the main menu and select Draw on Blank from the ensuing pop-up menu.

Step 2: Rough Outline

Draw a rough outline of a portrait, and sketch a bust from the head down to the top of the shoulders. Reduce the opacity of the layer.

Step 3: Final Outline

Open the layer menu and create an Empty Layer. Trace a polished and refined final outline in thick black lines over the faded bust in the background. Merge layers.

Step 4: Flowers Clipart

Create a new layer, and select the Clipart icon and from the Flowers category of the Clipart menu, choose a flower of your preference to insert into your photo.

Step 5: Position Flowers

Position your flowers one at a time over your figure’s forehead to create a crown of flowers. Each flower can be rotated, resized, and moved into place with dexterity, so get as creative as you want in the making of your crown.