The drawing contest this week is for users to draw their dreams using PicsArt tools. The best drawings will inevitably be those who don’t hold back. Leave any realistic expectations out of this and just think of your greatest fantasy and realize it using PicsArt tools. This is our most abstract art contest yet, but don’t worry. We have prepared a tutorial to give users an example to work from, as well as some useful drawing tips to help everyone out along the way.

Step 1:

Like with any drawing, start with the basic outline. As this is a dream, start with what is most important, the people you want to be with.

Step 2:

Afterwards, add objects that reflect your heart’s deepest desire, whether they are of this world or another, let your imagination run wild.

Step 3:

Once you have the skeleton of your drawing, add another layer and trace a precise final outline over your skeleton drawing.

Step 4:

Play with different tools to add various textures and fillers. Start with objects that have similar coloring.

Step 5:

As dreams are often hazy, you may want to leave certain details vague by opting for silhouettes instead of more traditionally detailed drawing techniques.

Step 6:

Work in layers, designating one layer for the background, and then a layer for each group of objects. Group Objects together in whichever way makes the most sense.

Step 7:

Once everything is essentially in place you can move on to greater details. Fill out the colors and finalize the shapes of your objects.

Step 8:

Use spray brushes and various color tones to add shading and lighting. Shading is a useful tool for defining a shape.

Step 9:

Once the coloring and shading is complete, you can focus on the very finest details. Don’t be afraid to zoom in close, it pays to be a perfectionist.

Step 10:

The last thing you have to do is finish your background. Switch between brushes to achieve whatever effects you need, whether it’s moonlight, leaves in a tree, ripples in a lake, or clouds.

Step 11:

The beauty of working in layers is that you can always work on various elements individually without having them interfere with each other. You can then move layers around, sending clouds to the back and bringing rays of light to the front.

Step 12:

Once you are finished, merge layers to finalize your drawing. Don’t forget to tag your drawing with #DCdream to enter it into the contest!