step by step snowflake drawing

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to draw and color a snowflake with PicsArt’s drawing tools. Read on to pick up the techniques, and then give it a try on your own!

Step 1: Create Sketch

Fill your canvas with a dark grey shade. Tap the paintbrush icon and select the first brush from the list of brushes. Make sure it is thin in size, and create your initial sketch in a new layer. Lower the opacity of your sketch and in a new layer and trace a refined outline.

snowflake sketch

outlining snowlake

Step 2: Start Adding Color

In the same layer, start coloring in your snowflake with a thicker, white brush. Select your background layer. Tap on the brush icon to adjust the settings of your brush so that it is thick and the opacity is low. Then, start coloring in your background lightly with a shade of blue.

snowflake coloring

background coloring

Step 3: Add Accents

In a new layer, use the second brush to add little texture accents on each point of the snowflake. Next, create a new layer, drag it just above your background layer, and draw in background details with a thin, low-opacity brush. Use a variety of soft shades of blue.

draw snowflake details

draw background details

Step 4: Add Lighting & Final Details

On top of the layer you just created, use a soft, thick brush to add some lighting accents to your work to make your snowflake shimmer. You’re done—don’t forget to save your work and share it!

draw lighting accents

snowflake drawing