The Drawing Challenge this week has asked users to draw vampires using PicsArt Drawing Tools, and so today we are releasing a step by step tutorial to show you how. PicsArt Drawing Tools give you the control to refine details, so if you know how to work with them, you can really make a vampire worthy of the spookiest summer horror flick. Use this tutorial for guidance and inspiration as you prepare to sink your teeth into this week’s contest!

Step 1: Draw an Outline

Draw a rough outline of your vampire, portioning the shape of his head, torso and the angle of his limbs. Reduce the opacity, add a new layer, and trace a final refined outline. Delete rough outline when done.

Step 2: Add Shading

Add shading in a new layer with a black brush, then reduce the opacity to make it very pale. Add a higher layer and shade the zones that will be darker, then reduce the opacity less, leaving it a little darker.

Step 3:  Add Colors

In a layer between the outline and shading, color in your vampire, filling in everything from the hair to the eyeballs. The translucent shading layers should naturally cast shadows over your colors.

Step 4: Add Lighting

Add lighting in the same way you added shade. Use a white brush in a new layer and paint white wherever you want light. Then reduce the opacity to preference in order to integrate it. 

Step 5: Detail & Background 1

Add detail to your drawing. Use a red brush to add blood, discolor the circles around your vampires eyes, make the face paler, add transitional shading. Add a bottom layer, then fill it to create a backdrop. 

Step 6: Detail & Background 2

Customize your brush into a black spray brush with reduced opacity, and use it to intensify the shaded areas with smooth shadows. Also add shadows onto your background. To finish, spray different colors in a layer over your background to add texture and ambiance.