This week’s Drawing Challenge has asked PicsArtists to celebrate Women’s Day by using PicsArt Drawing Tools to create magnificent drawings of flowers! Despite their delicate appearance, flowers can be tough to draw, and the competition is likely to be as fierce as the strong women whom we are here to honor. Fear not, however, because below is a step by step tutorial to provide you with some guidance and inspiration as you gear up for this week’s latest challenge!

Step 1: Open the PicsArt Drawing Tool

Select “Draw” from the main screen and then select “Draw blank” to start a new drawing from scratch. You have the option of choosing the precise width, height, and orientation of your drawing before entering your work space.

picsart drawing tools

Step 2: Create Rough Outline

Use a thin black brush to draw a rough outline of your flowers and the scene around them. This is about setting up your positioning and perspective for future reference.

how to draw flowers step by step

Step 3: Final Outline

Reduce the opacity of your initial outline, add a new layer, and trace a more precise and detailed final outline over your first outline.

how to draw flowers step by step

Step 4:  Add Color

Use different colored brushes to color in the base colors of your drawing.

how to draw flowers step by step

Step 5: Add Shading

Use a translucent black brush to add shading. You mind where your light source is and darken whichever sides of your objects are not directly exposed to light.

how to draw flowers step by step

Step 6: Lighting and More Color!

Use lighter toned brushes to add lighting to areas that are the most exposed to your light source. Add a colored layer in the back for your background. Also use this step as an opportunity to color in small details.

how to draw flowers step by step

Step 7: Finish Background

Use the versatile brush types to add a texture or pattern to your background. In a new layer between your drawing and background, you can also add a shadow with the same brush you used for shading.

how to draw flowers step by step

how to draw flowers step by step

Step 8: Erase Extra Lines

Use the eraser to erase parts of your outline that you no longer need.

how to draw flowers step by step

Your drawing is now in full blossom! Stop and take a moment to breathe in your success, then submit it into this week’s contest!