frames doodling tutorial

In this step-by-step tutorial, we’ll show you how to dress up your photos by drawing a beautiful frame on them. Follow along to learn how to do it! 

Step 1: Add Tint

Open your photo in Draw. Using a transparent brush in a dark green color, paint over your entire drawing to give it a subtle green hue.

add photo in drawing suite

paint over photo

Step 2: Sketch Frame

In a new layer, draw a rough sketch of your frame. Lower the opacity of the layer, and trace a refined outline of your frame in a new layer.

sketch frame

outline frame

Step 3: Start Adding Color

Start coloring in your frame with white. In a new layer, add a frosted border on the inside of your frame.

color frame

frosted border inside frame

Step 4: Add Shadows & Draw Snow

Use a soft black brush to add shadows to the edges of your frame. Switch to a light blue color and add a blue tint on the inside of your frame. Use a small white brush to add a few flecks of snow.

draw shadows

draw flecks of snow

Step 5: Add Final Details

Reduce the opacity of your blue layer to make the effect more subtle. In the area within your frame, use a black brush to darken the trees, and switch to a white brush to draw snow on the branches. When you’re done, save your work and share it!

darkening trees inside frame

share drawing